Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Top 5 Coworkers You Want In Your Office

The Top 5 Coworkers You Want In Your Office While we all have coworkers we gripe about, try not to sit next to, and resent for their success (or lack thereof), satisfaction studies have shown that most of also value those relationships as much as any other in our lives. Full disclosure, I met my husband at work. When I told him about this post he asked what dream coworker category Id put him in, and was not pleased when I created Dream CoworkerThat being said, heres a list of the most in-demand employee archetypes to have on your roster.Dream Coworker  #1:  THE INTEGRATORConsulting and auditing firm Deloitte identified Integrator as a most desirable personality pattern; integrators are the ones who wrap their brains around an issue and gather the team they need to crowd source a solution. They are known for empathy, a nuanced understanding, and needing some quiet time to process.Dream Coworker  #2:  THE INNOVATORThe Innovator is the one whos constantly looking for a new way to do things; some employers find this type o f worker frustrating, because they have a system and its been proven.As a sometime innovator myself, I would suggest that once youve identified an innovated staff member, try to find some room to let them play. This may require some flexibility on your part, but if you can get them on your team, you may find efficiency and productivity are the positive results.Dream Coworker  #3:  THE ADVOCATEAdvocates are the ones who speak up- they identify needs, allocate resources, manage difficult circumstances, and probably belong in customer service. They also make great peer reviewers and mentors for younger employees, because they can see both sides of an issue and care about those they supervise.Dream Coworker  #4:  THE BRIDGEJokes aside, this is actually the category the  guy I married belongs in- he has a knack for keeping track of all the pieces of a project and knowing who should work on each piece, has a huge professional network, and is generous about connecting projects wi th freelancers. And hes not too hard on the eyes either.Dream Coworker  #5:  THE  PIONEERDo you need someone to generate new ideas? Adapt to evolving conditions? Do you always  keep the big picture in mind? Pioneers in the workplace are the ones who bring a lens of their own to their work- and the benefits for you may be exciting, fresh ideas. Try to recognize them when they cross your desk!The 5 Types of Coworkers Who Can Make Your Work Life Infinitely BetterRead More at Fast Company

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