Monday, February 10, 2020

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

Leadership - Essay Example To become an effective leader, it is crucial on the part of the manager to be able to find the type of leadership approach that works best for them. Often times, choosing the best leadership style depends on the manager’s personality, characteristic, working environment and the team members. The focus of this study is to gather primary and secondary research as a way of determining the qualifications of a good leader. The first part of the paper will address the problem statement by conducting a literature review with regards to the qualifications of effective leaders. The second part of the paper will gather primary research data by conducting an actual research survey. In the process of presenting the primary data, the research survey methodology which consists of five relevant questions will be tackled in details. Based on the gathered primary and secondary research information, a proposed leadership model will be constructed prior to the conclusion and recommendations. Leadership is about the ability of a person to make his/her subordinate follow and adapt with useful changes within or outside the work place. Since it takes a special interpersonal influence and motivational skills to enable a manager to effectively mould and convert a group of employee into becoming a responsible and efficient subordinate, it remains a challenge on the part of each manager to be able to identify the qualities of a good leader. A leader can easily become an effective manager. However, not all managers are capable of becoming good leaders. For this reason, the main purpose of the research study is to increase the knowledge of the managers with regards to the essential qualities that makes up a good leader. A good leader needs to have a combination of wisdom, integrity, sensitivity, and tenacity (WITS). (van Maurik, 1994) The author mentioned that a good leader must have these traits to be able to have a clear vision of the

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